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Servants of Christ Lutheran Church is a congregation of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) serving the Cedar Rapids area.

The NALC embodies the theological center of Lutheranism in North America. It is a church committed to the authority of the Bible as the inspired Word of God and the authoritative source and norm of its proclamation, faith, and life. In keeping with the Lutheran Confessions, we believe all doctrines should and must be judged by the teaching of Scripture. 

If you would like information on the new congregation, Pastor Ron Voss may be contacted at any time. You may call or email him.  Contact information is provided below.
Ron is available for hospital visits, pastoral care, or grief counseling.  Let him know of any needs or concerns.
Ronald Voss, Pastor
Home:  563-682-7359   Cell:  563-206-4611

Our mission is to know Christ and to make Christ known.

Worship services are held on Sundays at the Robins Community Center, 265 South Second Street, Robins, IA.

Adult Bible Study is on Sundays at 10:15 am. 

Holy Communion is celebrated every Sunday and on church festival occasions.

Pray for our congregation that the Holy Spirit will open the hearts of many to the saving truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pray that lives will be changed by the forgiving love of Jesus.

We confess the apostolic faith in Jesus Christ according to the Holy Scriptures. We affirm the authority of the Scriptures as the authoritative source and norm, “according to which all doctrines should and must be judged” (Formula of Concord). We accept the ecumenical creeds and the Lutheran Confessions as true witnesses to the Word of God.

We believe that the mission of the Church is to preach the Gospel and to make disciples for Christ. We believe that making disciples — in our congregations, in our communities and nations, and around the world — must be a priority of the Church in the present age.

We affirm the ecumenical creeds and the faithful witness of the Church across time and space. We endorse the form and practices of the universal Church that are consistent with Scripture, particularly the office of the ministry and the tradition of worship under Word and Sacrament. We seek dialogue and fellowship with other Lutheran churches and with faithful Christians of other confessions.

We strive to be a church that is organized to facilitate the ministries of local congregations in a posture of servant-hood and a spirit of partnership, through the provision of resources, connections and information.

Servants of Christ Lutheran Church
Worshipping at:
Robins Community Center
265 S. Second Street
Robins, Iowa 52328

To Know Christ...To Make Christ Known
Mailing Address:
Servants of Christ Lutheran Church
49703 106th St.
Miles, Iowa 52064
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